Tips for Healthy Bones

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Bone plays a vital role in human body by providing structure, anchoring muscles, protecting organs and Ortho related issues. Bone related diseases are increasing worldwide. A large number of men are suffering from several types of arthritis, osteoporosis and similar bone diseases.  According to research, one in four men is suffering from bone related problems.

Factors that Affect Bone Health:

Here are common factors that affect bone health in Men:

  1. Proper Calcium Intake:

Strong bones are good friend of human being as they allow us to move and run freely. Proper calcium intake is very essential for good health of bones. Calcium can be consumed in form of milk and proper food intake. Proper food intake helps in consuming required amount of calcium in human body and these foods include broccoli, green vegetables, almonds, yogurt etc.

If calcium is not consumed in an appropriate amount then this will lead to fractures and severe bone diseases. Research has found that men do not consume proper calcium in their routine life and suffer from bone related issues more often.

  1. Calcium Supplements:

Body requirement for calcium is 1000 mg daily.Men usually don’t drink milk so it is very important for them to take supplements of calcium with doctor’s advice as human body don’t consume calcium more than 500 mg at one time.

  1. Vitamin D:

Pure source of Vitamin D is sun light while supplements of vitamin D are also available. Calcium cannot absorb in body if its vitamin D deficient. Calcium and vitamin D combine absorb in your bones to strengthen them.

  1. Physical Activity:

People who are physically active suffer less from bone related problems. These activities involve exercise, walking, playing games, etc. Men of all ages should keep themselves active physically.

Men who are suffering from Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Osteopenia should not perform aerobics in their routine but other than that they can walk or do some exercises as per their physiotherapist’s advice.

  1. Alcohol and Tobacco Use:

It is proven from research that people who use tobacco suffer from bone diseases more often. In the same way, Men who consume more than two glasses of alcohol daily tend to suffer from Osteoporosis because alcohol stops body from absorbing calcium any more. Most of the men consume too much alcohol and use tobacco on daily basis that is the reason they have more problems of weak bones and eventually it leads to Osteoporosis (disease in which bones start becoming porous and then they break gradually).

  1. Size and Age Factor:

If a person is extremely thin and small in size then probably he will get more issues and problems regarding bones’ strength. Bones get weak with time as well.

  1. Proper Treatment:

If you are feeling pain in your bones and in joints then immediately seek help from your orthopedic doctors. It is better to diagnose bone disease at its early stage because later on its condition may get worst. Physiotherapists will suggest you certain exercises that will improve your disease intensity and help you recover speedily.


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