Breast cancer causes, symptoms and diagnosis

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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women of any age. It occurs when a progressive tumor forms within the breast. This tumor forms from breast cells.  According to the American studies every 1 out of 8 women get breast cancer once in a lifetime. It is not life threatening if diagnosed and treated at right time.


There are different risk factors for breast cancer such as

Age: Chances of breast cancer are higher in older women. It is seen that 80% of breast cancer patients are 50 or above. Young girls can also be victim of breast cancer but the chances are rare.

Family history of breast cancer:  If you have a lady with breast cancer in your family then you may also get. Family medical history plays very important role in someone’s health. Women who have had breast cancer before are also at high risk of developing breast cancer again in any part of life.

Race: Race also plays very important role in medical. Caucasian women are more likely to have breast cancer as compared to women from other races. It is studied that African/American women mostly die from breast cancer as compared to others.

Alcohol: Women who consume alcohol are at high risk of getting breast cancer. As much they consume alcohol as much the chances of getting breast cancer are higher.

Family planning choice:  Women who do plan to have children at age of 30 or after, are at high risk of getting breast cancer.


There can be so many symptoms of breast cancer. Some of them are following:

  • If the breast feels warm when touched
  • If nipple becomes inverted
  • If the skin around breast becomes orange shade
  • If the size of breasts suddenly increases
  • If a clear or bloody liquid discharge from nipple
  • If you feel pain in nipple
  • If you see swelling in breast or nipple that hurts when touched

These are some symptoms that can help to diagnose breast cancer but sometimes breast cancer does not show any symptoms. Is this case tests such as MRI scan or mammograms can determine if you have breast cancer or not.


Every woman must go through breast screening time by time. Then further tests can be taken if any clues of breast cancer are seen in screening. Self breast examine can also be done at home. Many women do self examine at home or by their doctors at clinics.  Mammography is the most successful test to diagnose breast cancer. It is recommended to take mammography test once in a year at the age of 40 or above but the women who are at higher risk of getting breast cancer are advised to take mammography tests earlier than the age of 40.

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