An introduction to HIV/AIDS

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AIDS is a life threatening disease that is caused by a virus called HIV. HIV is abbreviation of “Human immune deficiency virus” and AIDS is abbreviation of “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”. When this virus attacks a human body, its immune system becomes very weak. Any person with weak immune system can get many diseases. When HIV enters in a body it keeps growing until it kills whole immune system.

A healthy body keep killing the virus inside the body using its immune system but if the immune system of any body is weak then it can be life threatening. At this stage the patient is declared with AIDS.

AIDS was discovered in 80’s when two males were reported for having swelling in their kidneys. Those males were homosexuals. Tumors were also found in bodies of homosexual men. Their immune system was also found very weak. These all problems were found in people who were homosexual, who were using used injections for drugs or who just had blood transfusion. It was assumed that this disease is spreading because of homosexuality then it was given a name HIV in 1986.


AIDS can effect to anybody whose immunity system is not strong enough to fight against deadly virus. Even teenagers can also be the victim of AIDS. Main reason to get this disease is to have unsafe sexual relation with a person already having HIV/AIDS. This disease can also spread by using used injections or by infected blood transfusion. Children of HIV carrier parents may also get this disease easily.

Instruments that are being used in saloons may also be the big reason for HIV/AIDS. Their tools and instruments are not properly sterilized. Many people use one razor for many customers just to save money but it can be life threatening to anyone if the razor was used on any HIV/AIDS patient. Everyone needs to be very careful while going to hair cut or shaving. Always ask for new razor and properly sterilized instruments.

Always be careful when you go to hospitals. Used syringe can also be the reason of HIV/AIDS. Always ask for new syringe for injections. If you need to go for blood transfusion then make sure that blood is screened through laboratory. Infected blood transfusion can cause HIV/AIDS that is life threatening disease.

Parents, teachers and community centers can play very important role to educate people about HIV/AIDS.  Parents should educate their children at homes about why this disease is deadly, how it spreads and what are the preventions. Teachers should arrange some class discussions about this disease from very early classes. Community centers should arrange seminars to educate people properly about HIV/AIDS and its preventions.


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