Aiming to take your teenager’s health issues head-on

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The issues pertaining to your teenager’s health may be a big concern for you as they may give you a lot of sleepless nights and endless worries unless they are resolved for the better. The fact is that more or less all teenagers face some kind of health issues in their teens but only those fare better off who are able to cope with issues effectively courtesy of the help they receive from their parents or an adult such as their guardian. Therefore it is imperative that a closer look be taken at the health issues being faced by teenagers.

Insufficient avenues of working out physically

Teenagers have a lot of energy in them which makes them restless and they always need an avenue to release this energy in the positive way. They need to work out such as in gyms or play some sport outdoors or indoors to give the much needed exercise to their young and growing bodies.

Unfortunately however, many teenagers face the problem of not having sufficient avenues to discharge tis energy in a befitting manner.

Partly, the matter may be of their own creation as they prefer to be couch potatoes and focusing on TV, PC, XBOX and PS games, so on and so forth.

You might need to push your teenage children to playing physical games along with virtual games because virtual games cannot get them the much needed exercise for their bodies. You as a parent might need to be consistent in this demand of your from your children because if they are too much into their virtual worlds, they might as well need more than a soft advice to quit it for a couple of hours and go out and have some physical exercise!

Teen Pregnancy

This is a shocking health issue which mostly results from teenage, pre-martial sex and is a major problem is the US. The only way to do away with this issue is to educate teenagers about the hazardous health effects upon both the mother as well as the child who is expected to be born as a result of the pregnancy. If a girl gets pregnant in her teens, she would be unable to nourish her child properly because her own body is still in the course of growing up.

In addition to that, there are socio-economic problems which come out of a teen pregnancy such as parents of the child being unable to feed their child because they do not have a job as they might themselves be in college. Even if they do, the job may be low paying and they may be unable to pay for their own expenditures as well as those of their new born child. So, there this is a very problematic situation and counselling must be done at the highest levels to avoid its recurrence in society.


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