Tips for Controlling Sugar And Blood Pressure

Health is a real asset for any person but we are so stupid that we keep on running after money neglecting our health. Money can buy everything but not health so one must take extra care of his health as disease no matter how minor it is ruins your peace of mind and affects your life. We read story books, watch movies and sports but we never take time out for getting to know about most common diseases and their causes. Most of us spend years without realizing the fact that a serious disease is spreading within us and this is just because of lack of knowledge. This article spreads light on two leading diseases of this time, one being sugar or diabetes and other is blood pressure.

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Sugar And Blood Pressure – A Brief Overview

Sugar is a disease in which our body produces higher level of blood sugar as a result of which we experience frequent urination, thirst and various other symptoms. The sad thing about this disease is that I does not have permanent cure. Regular use of medicine can control the level of blood sugar but it will never cure sugar fully. Blood pressure both high and low refers to a disturbance in the flow of blood. Blood pressure increase pressure of blood in arteries leading to headache, breathing problems, fits etc. Sugar and blood pressure have a strong relationship. Diabetes causes sugar and sugar causes diabetes. This means that if any person has either of these two diseases for a long time then there are quite high chances of him developing the other disease as well.

How to Control Sugar?

If you want to control sugar in the long run then you will have to make drastic changes in your life which will start by changing your eating habits. Sugar patients must increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. They should prefer food having more amounts of fibers in it. High fat food is not good for sugar patients. If you are a sugar patient then you must walk every day for at least 30 minutes.

How to Control Blood Pressure?

You have to decrease the intake of salt up to a great extent as salt increases blood pressure. You should avoid meat and beef. Fruits and vegetables are good for you. You must quit smoking right away as it can make condition worst. Obesity is a major cause of high blood pressure and diabetes so if you want to control both these diseases then you must get rid of extra body weight. Join gym for losing weight fast. You must also decrease the intake of alcohol.

You must adopt a healthy living style to remain safe from sugar, blood pressure and various other diseases.


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